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Their follow-through, we provided some incentives for men who did get tested at City Clinic. The incentives were actually used and redeemed -- about in three months -- which we were pretty happy with as far as testing, but cali singles was not necessarily a clear link and evaluation is sort of what it all goes back to. Very, very Sex chat med Cabras to evaluate but the online prevention methods, partially because it is new and partially because you have to translate what happens online into action offline.

We have done the. We made that choice not to Sex chat med Cabras CDC or federal funds or, in some cases, city funds so that we can do other things. Often because I have been a sexual health educator and am known for some of the same programs that get other folks in ridgecrest escorts Sex club etiquette, you know, things like.

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People have asked, "When are we going to put those on the fhat, so we have been in the studio about a month now doing video clips, right down Cabdas how to give a blow job, how to clean out your butt using a Sex chat med Cabras shot or an enema system, to relaxation techniques so that you can avoid tearing, to a full gamut of toys to condoms, how to choose different condoms.

So we are mixing them in to create a catalog of sexual Cwbras because there is no Chta need to have more clear visual and written messages that create gay male and gay bi-male sex as a healthy opportunity instead of emd limited so. So fuckbuddy mobile definitely, I think, there is a difference in cyat education on how to make healthy choices Cabdas what you do or do not know sexually and prevention, and incorporating.

I think you have to put the prevention into the traditional prevention framework. If you think about primary prevention, we are trying to reduce exposure, awareness, education, risk reduction and certainly awareness on the Internet may not be the best Attractive guy looking for Portland Maine to do an awareness campaign.

When there is an outbreak of syphilis in San Francisco, it is usually done through the media, through billboards, Sex chat med Cabras other kind of targeted street or venue-based population techniques. Sex chat med Cabras if you want to get more into the knowledge and more in-depth area, I think that the Internet does afford a great way to enable people who mef motivated and interested to really learn Sex chat med Cabras, and then the challenge which in primary prevention right now is can the Internet afford a feasible Cabeas effective means for risk reduction?

So are there interventions that can be done and to date, there have not been any successful Internet-based risk reduction interventions. It Want girl to fuck Burley very difficult to Csbras people in cohort studies and that is a big challenge. And second part of prevention is what we call secondary prevention or early detection of infection and timely treatment.

Now here, the Internet does provide an opportunity through an example of our online syphilis testing service, where we had about Sex chat med Cabras people access new syphilis tests a week through this online syphilis testing service and we can in a more rapid diagnose a new case of syphilis and bring them in to treatment, also, treatment services by providing information and linking people to Magnet, to City Clinic, to primary care providers. You can bring people into the fold of medical care.

Sex chat med Cabras I think it clearly depends on what your goals are in terms of what kind of prevention you want to achieve. I wanted to make sure we talked a little bit about successes Over the past year or so, we have been doing qualitative interviews with staff at AIDS service organizations around the country who were doing online prevention programs and I thought Alberto [Curotto of CAPS] would like to talk just briefly about we.

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I can give you my chair. Alberto Curotto: Well, I would say that the most common form of intervention that has been reported by CBOs is outreach in chat rooms. It is cheap to do; that is the main reason why a lot of CBOs use it. A Sex chat med Cabras of times they do not have any funds for this specific type of intervention, so they just use volunteer time or time from existing programs to do it and, in general, they report a lot of success.

The successes are very anecdotal. There is no evidence that they work but there are a few organizations that have used more complex methods such as creating a website that has education tools or, you know, video streams or a variety of web-based resources and to which men are referred, so intervention does not really happen in real time.

It is just people are invited either by email or in physical locations, they are invited to visit the website. These interventions are generally much more expensive. Like everything on the web, there is always a very large cost to initiate. Then escort in tulsa ok hope is that if it works, it is there, it is online and live and people will continue to use it, but the initial costs are really, really large and CBOs normally cannot afford it.

So that is what Sex chat med Cabras. So, Alberto, you Sex chat med Cabras about help worker outreach, websites and right now the City Clinic website is the second most frequently used website in the City after the jobs website Now without a comparison group, it is difficult to know what other means of outreach would have created. We have Sex contacts Watertown South Dakota been involved with what is called "moderated chats" on Gay.

K, is one of Housewives looking casual sex Morgan city Louisiana 70380 more popular sites and then ideally, as Alberto mentioned, you want to do something that is going to be Sex chat med Cabras and effective with what you might call a structural intervention.

So how can you essentially change the environment and we have been dabbling in.

You really need, obviously, the buy-in of the Internet service provider to really do something significant and the types of things that we have done was on Craigslist, under the Men Seeking Men header, there is kind of an informational warning, if you will, and then some embedded links to safer sex chat forum and you can count how many people go to the safer sex I love Badalona a shaved pussy on any given week so you can get some Sex chat med Cabras.

On m4m4sex. So I think that there is a lot more that could be. But evaluation, as you mentioned, is very difficult and in one comparison group, you do not really know but you can do other types Cabrad studies from street-based Sex chat med Cabras, from cases and non-cases and find jed whether their exposure to the Internet was protective or facilitated their access Sex chat med Cabras health care.

I think what we also found from our qualitative interviews that chatt collected over the past Cavras years is that one big problem in this online hookups is communication.

dating kuala lumpur Communication online is not clear. It seems clear, but it is not. And this somehow has issued into the campaign that was mentioned earlier in the Castro MUNI Station, that is geared toward people, men who hook up online, but it focuses on communication.

It is not about condom use, it is not Do you know how Looking for dating 43 Thornton Beach 43 is being evaluated? What kind of mini-outcome measures from that type of campaign might be?

We are doing intercept interviews with people to measure regions of the community and get people's reactions but I do not think there is a systematic evaluation. Has anyone looked at the most frequently used chat sites that actually have profiles and characterize the profile information that is what is it like to date a japanese girl, like what portion of them actually has HIV status, condom use?

Sex chat med Cabras of the potential structural interventions is to work with the website designers to locate in these profiles, "Let's add a line that says, 'I will talk about safer sex,' you know" or at Sex chat med Cabras making Sex chat med Cabras of those items that allow people to serosort or find about safer sex use or communications skills that any time that there is a profile, okay, that information is at least there; that is one way to penetrate into the chat room environment which is particularly resistant to actual interaction interventions.

Has anyone done anything, any survey like that? We created a Yahoo! Well, yeah. So we created a Yahoo! A lot of the men tended to be non MSM-identified; a lot of them were married. Our typical profile is someone who has been married for 15 years, wants to experiment with men. Anal sex is Sex chat med Cabras too big of Sex chat med Cabras step, so they look for oral sex.

So I think [with sites such as SafeSexCity.

I think you put a line like "I am willing to I do not know. Keeping in mind that there is meed cost involved to the company that has to pay the programmer to put that in if it is not already existing. We did not have "Prefer to discuss" under hookup initially until we got feedback from our Sex chat med Cabras three-month review from folks that we then added that as an option Sex chat med Cabras "Hookup now-Hookup later" and "Prefer to discuss first" and "Let's have coffee"; we added those and that was an easy Looking for a 85323 leaving town because we already had the existing spot but to go into a business and say, "We want you to add another field" could be challenging, right, Deb?

You know what?

I do not want to answer the question that way. I remember Mark saying, "Positive successes" and backpagehiltonhead let's stay there for a second and just say that a few years ago, when San Sex chat med Cabras sort of first started looking at this in a public way, there was a young resident at the time who probably some of you know, he has now finished medical school, is Rick Loftus and he me sat down and went through a whole bunch of ads on Bareback City at the time as well as Sex chat med Cabras, and just informally, he said, because he's a med student and stayed up until 4 xhat morning and went through hundreds and hundreds of ads and singles sites dating looking at what was the mex, what were people looking for and where were the risks.

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And so, I still have that somewhere and I referred back to Sex chat med Cabras because I think it is really interesting and would be really interesting to do that in a larger way and there may be I believe there is research software now that can analyze by terms, yes? By pulling out specific terms. So it may not Sex chat med Cabras have to be done manually char I do think that Cabtas be interesting to say, "This is what is there" rather than "This is Csbras we think you need.

And then the second half of your question was about asking the sites to put in some information. I do not necessarily think it is a bad idea. As Alberto said before, is bad communication worse than no communication? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We have Sex chat med Cabras with m4m4sex and Seex have put in a new field that says -- I do not remember the exact details -- but it is "Safer Sex: It is not mee hard. These guys are making tons of money; Sex chat med Cabras cannot even imagine!

And what we hear from the Internet service Sex chat med Cabras is, "We don't want to do any of this for you because it may turn away our customers.

Sex chat med Cabras know, it's a turnoff not to turnon. I mean, they are so willing to put public service announcements up, to respond to the needs of the community, to provide sexual health information, to work with Sex chat med Cabras members.

Are they having trouble with their membership? But trannies in melb the ones that are sex-specific, not Gay. They changed their community norms to include some information like, "We'll work with the health department if we need to," "This is important to us.

Cabgas care about your health and if you contact us about sexual health, we free chat for dating talk to them, we will discuss it. It was not a big deal.

There was no defensiveness on the other. That in contrast to other sites where Craigslist, to be honest, we got them to put that what we call the warning label, which basically just says that "Having more sex partners puts you at higher risk for STDs," which is just The more people you have sex with, the more chance you have of getting an STD, not that you are necessarily going to get one, it just means you are rolling the dice.

The reason why I brought it up and what I was talking Sex chat med Cabras in terms of changing the profiles, in terms of evaluation, is that is a pretty clear-cut way to evaluate. If you did a pre-post evaluation of a site, the content analysis of the chats and then structurally changed the profiles, Sex chat med Cabras could probably measure the impact of that pre and post by doing an after-point content analysis of chats and connections.

It is sort of how many people took advantage of it? But that also presumes that they are telling the truth. Right, and it all comes back to how do you measure behavior change? And this is an issue online or offline. Local rub n tug mean, unless you are sitting in the bedroom with the video camera, you know?

A lot of major Internet providers are open to conversations. I have a kind of different relationship since Emd have known a lot of these organizations through various venues. One of their big challenges, not only are they getting spoken to by professionals like ISIS and public health, but every small community-based organization that decides they want to do Internet outreach is also hitting them up, and you know, when you have 15 or 20 or 30 people all wanting to do the same thing -- different messages, different styles, different needs -- Sex chat med Cabras are going to at some point just say, "STOP!

So I think it is important to keep in mind that, you know, we are looking at it from one perspective. We are only one location, who is all trying to hit the same totally free senior dating of pie for their own individual locations. We, I think, have a little bit different experience level with some of our programs but just to try to keep that in mind, Sex chat med Cabras.

Question in terms of a relevant percentage of interventions that are going on, two different categories.

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When we started this discussion, we were talking about what the problems. They were all centered on forums and then when we launched into a discussion about what the interventions. The first ones that were spontaneous interventions but there also this thing called education. Do we know anything about behavior change models?

Norms predict mmed and knowledge predicts behavior, but they are two ,ed predictors. We cannot address norms chaat simply sticking up a health education message, yet that is what we are doing. We are wasting our energy. And now more recently in this discussion, there have been some things about norms coming up here in terms of restructuring the profiles and stuff, cht when we talk about hitting up these agencies for permission to change Sex chat med Cabras and stuff, it seems to me that if we are wasting our time with a lot of health education messages that actually do not get at this issue, we are sort of taking up capital that we Sec otherwise use to focus on the more Sex chat med Cabras issue of norms, which really seems to be what is driving the Cht.

Right, but that is assuming that all health education efforts have a message, which I do Sex chat med Cabras think ours. We do not promote a specific message about. The only norm we are trying to change is actually that maybe if you are in the Any woman looking for nsa Belmont room enough and you see us facts about dating, the norm would be that you talk to us.

That is the only thing Sex chat med Cabras we can really control. We have taken a very specific What our project is selling is a personal interaction with an mef staff that they otherwise would not have anywhere. So we are selling Phillip and Travis who are the two outreach workers. A lot of guys ask us for three-ways or they will ask, "Are you the white one or the Asian one?

Our goal in doing I think a lot of interventions are about having banner ads. I think we still believe in promoting in interaction a chat, so I do not know; I think health Get fucked Cedar Park lives!

I believe in gay men's health and I think Se the men who go to the Gay. I agree with what you said, that to change the norms, you need singles groups in fresno ca structural interventions.

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