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Fuck me like i ruined your life Want Dick

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Fuck me like i ruined your life

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I have been getting into a little indie rock lately. Looking for my new girl in search of a girl that i am able to hang out with and spend a good time .

Name: Shaina
Age: 31
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Horney Married Ready Sexy Men
Seeking: Want Men
Relationship Status: Newlyweds

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Top definition. A phrase used to describe how much you want to fuck.

Or more accurately how much you want someone to fuck you. It implies maintaining the submissive, reciprocative position in sexual intercourse. Basically letting the other person do the work while you sit back and enjoy the.

The word ruin is used because it implies giving up power, surrendering yourself to whatever is gonna come and gladly accepting it, without a care in the world.

As soon as she gets off work she needs to come over and ruin my life. Lime can't wait for tonight.

Well for one, I can't wait to have you sit on my face. Oh really?

Hell yeah. I need you to ruin my life tonight.

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