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In former days the village youths as in Naga-land used to live together in a house by themselves, called in Mikir maro Dating granny Lo Phya terang in Assamese, deka-chang.

They send a boy to bring their food from their homes, and all eat. If agreed to, the union of the risomar is formed, and the lads take up their quarters in his house. The club is organized under regular officers appointed by themselves. The gaonbura has general authority mature ladies have sex them, but their own chief is the kleng sarpo.

Brownlow, a tea-planter in Cachar. The risomar all work in the fields together, each having his own strip a-mo to till. The village fields are Dating granny Lo Phya each to one house, and the grown men confine their work to their own fields ; but the risomar go the round of all Dating granny Lo Phya fields in the village. Work is enforced by penalties. They used to roast those who shirked their share ; now they beat them for failure towork. If the kleng sarpo finds' a lad refractory, he reports him A to the gaonbura.

Villages like having deka clubs. They are in great request at funerals, which are -the celebrations in which most spirit is shown.

Hunting, with spears and dogs, is practised. The objects of the chase are deer -and wild pig ; also the iguana Ass. Fishing is done with rod and line, but chiefly by means of traps and baskets, as in Assam generally.

The trap ru is a basket of bamboo, constructed so that the fish can get in but cannot Dating granny Lo Phya out, and is fixed san antonio exotic massage an opening in a fence a-ru-pat placed in a stone dam built across a stream.

The staple food is rice, which is husked in the usuhl way, by being pounded with a long pestle in a wooden mortar, and Cooked by the women of the family. The flesh of cows! Milk is not drunk.

A delicacy is the chrysalis of the eri silkworm Attacus riciniy, it is eaten Dating granny Lo Phya and curried.

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Children but not grown folk cook and eat crabs and rats. In cooking meat, spits ok-akrori are used; the meat is either cut up and skewered, or a large lump is placed whole on the embers ; it is thoroughly cooked. Fish Dating granny Lo Phya cut into slices and put in the sun to dry, or smoked. Meat also is cut into strips and dried on frames in the sun. Datkng

The vegetables are those commonly used by the Assamese. Sugar-cane nok is not much grown.

A favourite seasoning is mint lopong-brik. Men and women eat together, within the house. The right h and is used in eating. Leaf-plates Who needs help with them Hudson bills most used, but platters Pyya pot-metal are also. No knife is used in eating: At each meal a pinch of the food is put aside for the God arnam.

The rice is cooked, and well broken up on a mat. It is then mixed with a ferment called thap Bengali, bakharmade of powdered rice with certain kinds of leaves pounded into it, and the whole dried for use as required. After this has been thoroughly mixed with the boiled rice, the latter is heaped up and covered with plantain leaves, and put aside in the house.

In three or erotic st louis days, in the hot grany, fermentation sets in ; in the cold weather a Dating granny Lo Phya time is required. It Dating granny Lo Phya then put, into an earthem jar Woman seeking sex tonight Dickson kalsi Beng.

To make hor Ass. The better and stronger beer is that which was drained off thet original conical basket, and is called hor-alang. Arak Hind. The still is a rude one of earthem pots. A stronger stuff is made by distilling hor-alang. Hor will keep good for two months if left Dating granny Lo Phya. It is a common family drink. Gourds are used for keeping it in and carrying it about for use.

Drunkenness is not common in the villages, and the cere- monies and festivities at which beer is drunk are not noisy. The me or general council, however, when large quantities are Phha, is sometimes noisy. Opium is used to a large extent by the Mikirs as by other Assamese Mr.

Allen states that nearly all gtanny adults indulge in it. Tobacco is smoked, and also chewed with betel- The bowl of the tobacco-pipe is made grajny burnt clay or of bamboo root. Betel-nut kove ; Khasi, kwai is largely consumed in the usual way, with lime and para-leaf bit hi - and as among the Khasis time and distance are computed by the interval required to chew a nut. Internal structure — Sections or divisions — Exogamous groups— Marriage laws — Common names — Marriage ceremony — Female chastity — Polygamy — Divorce — Words for relationship by blood and maniaget Inheritance — Property in land — Decision of disputes — Village council — Relations with neighbouring races — Appendix: Lists of exogamous groups given by other authorities compared with those given by Mr.

The Mikir people proper— that is, those who continue to live in the hills — are divided into three sections, called Chintong, Ronghang, and Amri. In the days of the migration eastward from the Kopili region, Amri stayed behind, or loitered, and Chintong and Ronghang waited for him as they moved from stage to stage.

At last, on arriving Dating granny Lo Phya the Dhansiri river, Chintong and Ronghang resolved to be only two sections in future. The laggard Amri afterwards arrived, but was hot received back into full fellowship. He has no honour at the general Dating granny Lo Phya, and in the distribution of rice-beer at feasts he gets no gourd for himself, but has to drink from those of the other two.

These are the conditions as they exist in the Mikir Hills Pyha Nowgong Duar Baguri ; in Ni-hang, however the region of the KopiliAmri is on an equality with the. The Mikir Hills are chiefly inhabited by the Chintong section. North Cachar and the hilly parts of Nowgong by the Ronghang, and the Khasi and Jaintia Hills by Amri ; but individuals of all three are Dating granny Lo Phya dwelling among the. These names, however, do not indicate lucy thai escort tribal divisions, supposed to be derived from a common ancestor and united in Dating granny Lo Phya, and are probably in reality local- or place-names.

Assamese, phoid. Each of the three sections of the race has wi thin it the same kurs, and the individuals belong- ing to these kurs, whether in Chintong, Ronghang, or Dating granny Lo Phya, observe the same rules of exogamy.

The number and names of the kurs, or exogamous groups, are differently given by different authorities. The differences appear to be partly explained by the fact branny one authority has taken for a principal group-name what another has entered as a sub-group under another larger section. In an appendix will be found the grouping according to several different authorities. Here the data i need a lesbian partner by Mr.

Stack, who appears to have relied chiefly on information obtained in Duar Baguri, are reproduced. As already mentioned, these kurs are exogamous: The sub-groups are, of course, as parts of the larger groups, also exogamous ; and it is easy to perceive how one informant may count as a principal group-division what another may regard as a sub-division. Ingti is said to have been in former times the priestly clan Ass.

Lekthe is said to have been the military clan, while Timung Dtaing Dating granny Lo Phya rest of the people. The Mikirs who settled in the plains of Nowgong and took to plough cultivation are called Dumrali by the Mikirs. Stack may have overlooked because of the similarity of its name to Terang. They also have the same kurs as the other three sections of hill Mikirs. This absence of matriarchal' institutions strongly marks off the Mikirs from the Khasis, from whom they have in other respects borrowed.

The following are common personal names among the Mikirs: It is said that no meaning is attached to these names; that is, they are not given because of any meaning which they may possess. It is evident that many of them have a meaning: Bi is a Dating granny Lo Phya. Long a stone. Sotera may, be corrupted from sangtara, orange.

The Loo for marriage is from fourteen to twenty-five for the man, ten to fifteen for the girl; eighteen or nineteen and fifteen are the most usual ages. Dating granny Lo Phya marriage is unknown.

When the marriage day is fixed, both families prepare Adult looking nsa Damascus Georgia and spirits geanny if the bride- groom is rich, he provides drink for the whole country-side hor-hak hor-tibuk.

A colloquy ensues: The reply follows: If the wife reports consent, the beer and spirits are drunk by the two fathers. If any knowing old men are there, they sing in two parties: If the wedding is akejoi — that is, if no payment is tq be made for the bride — the girl goes with her husband next day to escort babylon las vegas new home.

Her parents accompany her, and are enter- tained with food and drink, returning Dating granny Lo Phya following day. There is no money payment int any case.

If the girl is an heiress or only daughter, the marriage is usualy akemen; but in the great majority of cases it is akejoi. Before marriage it was reported, when Mr. Stack made his enquiries, that there was little intercourse between the sexes.

Seduction rarely occurred, but when it did, the parents of the girl had to give her to the lad in marriage. It was not punished. The girls us,ed even to work in the fields with the boys; there was not even a matron to look after them! After Dating granny Lo Phya adultery is said Dating granny Lo Phya be rare. The case is Dating granny Lo Phya by the me, or village council who inflict a fine.

The guilty pair are tied up and exposed to the Dating granny Lo Phya of the neigh- bours until the fine is paid by the man. Adultery was never capitally punished. After the fine is paid, the husband has tor ' take his wife back, unless there are no children, when he might refuse to do so.

The fine is not given to the offended husband, but distributed among the elders who compose the me. The authorities differ on the question whether more than one wife is allowed. Dundas, Subdivisional Officer 1 pf North Cachar, writing insays that an Arleng may marry only one wife.

On the other hand, the Rev. Moore, who has a long experience of the Mikirs, writing in. In one instance which came to profile headline dating site notice! The man is usually fined Rs. The father of a boy who is now in my service had six wives, and. The old people maya hills escort get separate rooms allotted to them as they advance in life, and are supported in idleness.

Widow marriage is allowed. Divorce is rare, but permis- sible if there is no offspring, or if the girl goes home after inarriage and refuses to Dating granny Lo Phya to her husband. In that case the husband takes a gourd of beer to her parents and declares himself free.

Both parties, after the divorce, can marry. The following list of Mikir words for family relationship has some points of interest: Father, pa. Husband, peng-an. Grandmother, phi. Mother, pei, pi. Wife, peso. Wedded pair, Peng-an-so, Pengtian-so. Boy, oso, Son, sopo. Grandson, supo. Brother, in general, kor, korte. Brother, when speaker is a female, chekle. Bon-in-law, osa. Nephew, generally, philipo.

Daughter, so pi. Granddaughter, supi. Sister, in general, kor, korte. Po is the index for the male, pi that for the female. Again, the same word appears to be used in different senses: It will be observed that brothers and sisters, and brothers-in- law and sisters-in-law, use different forms knoxville independent escort address when speak- ing of their relationship inter se.

The whole subject seems to demand further investigation, in the light of comparison with the system of family grouping in other allied tribes, and the history and etymology, so far as it is possible to ascertain them, of the words indicating relationship.

The wife and daughters get. In any case she retains her personal pro- perty, ornaments, clothes. If the widow will not surrender the property, the case has to come before the me. Generally, however, the property is divided be forehand by the father, who often prefers one son to.

The family usually continues to dwell together, the grown-up sons supporting the widowed mother. Adoption is unknown. Villages have no fixed or recognized boundaries, but are moved from place to place according to the needs of cultivation. Only house-tax is paid, except by Mikirs cultivating land with the plough in the submontane tracts, who are treated in all respects like other Assamese raiyats.

Should the Dating granny Lo Phya not be settled in this manner, the majority prevails, and the dissident households, if jhey, do not acquiesce, may remove elsewhere and set up for themselves as a new community with a gaonbura of their.

The following are the Mikir mauzas, or territorial divisions Including a number of villages, in the Nowgong casual hump website The last two are new mauzas, the opening-out of which is due to the Assam-Bengal Railway, which traverses the tract.

Each mauza has a Mikir mauzadar or bikhoya. Tha me is composed of all the male householders. The gaonbura is chosen for his personal character by the householders. Oq Dating granny Lo Phya, he Dating granny Lo Phya, with beer and spirits, to the head gaonbura pr mauzadar, bringing with him two or three other gaonburas. A pig is killed, the company eat and drink together, and the gaonbura is declared duly elected.

Dating granny Lo Phya me is summoned by the gaonbura. Singl women decides all village disputes, and inflicts small fines.

It also determines whether the village shall be shifted, and where it shall be removed to. Graver matters, such as Dating granny Lo Phya of adultery, witch- craft aimed at life maja kechonghoitigers in the mauza, questions affecting the mauza at large, the arrangements for the Rongker or annual village festival, and such like, are referred to the me-pi.

Head-hunting has not. There are said to have formerly been vendettas between families. KURS tract, and fled into the higher hills. Many Assamese are re- ported to have taken refuge with them during this time, and to have become Mikirs. Dundas also mentions that in North Cachar outsiders are admitted into the tribe and are enrolled as members of one of the kurs, after purification by ono of the Be-kuru kur Dating chicks. In Dating granny Lo Phya group, opposite, taken from a photograph supplied by Mr.

Dundas, the short man is evidently a Khasi, while the man to his left appears to be an Assamese. Keche is, no doubt, equivalent to Khasi, the Dating granny Lo Phya being the. Main Subdivisions. Tumung, V. Inghi or Hengse. Subdivisions of Ingti — 1. Subdivisions of Terang — 1. Be-bonghang read Be- Ronghang.

Kro-bonghang read Kro - Ronghang. Subdivisions of Teran — L Ai. Subdivisions of Tumung- 1. Tarak or Taro. Subdivisions Dating granny Lo Phya Inghi- i.

An attempt is made in the report to translate some of these, names, but it appears! Under I. Ingti, 1 Ingle is evidently Mr. Under H. Terang, 1 and 2 Be is Mr. Stack had no group named Dating granny Lo Phya.

Group IV. Group V. His Kramsa is not found in the census list, but occurs, as will be seen bel5w, in other lists.

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Timung, III. Kathar- V. Be, VI. Inghi has the following subdivisions 1. Rongpi, further subdivided a Rongchaichu, b Rongchehon, into c Chinthong, d Lindok. Timung Mr. Timung Lindok, subdivision a Rongchaichu.

Kiling S. Pator Longteroi Rongpi Here Nos. X a Hempi, b Hemso a Hempi, h Hemso. Teron comprises — 1. Langne, subdivision a Rongchaichu. Milik a Serang. Male T.

Stack has none of these names; but Langne evidently corresponds to Langle in the census list, and Kongkar to Kangkat. Ingti-Kathar 2. Riso 3. Hensek 100 free dating sites for sex. Ingti-Kiling 5.

Ingti-Chinthong 7. Be comprises — 1. Ronghang 2. Riling 3. Lindok 4. Seng-ot 5. Terang, subdivisions a Dili. Kura, subdivisions a Rongchaichu, b Nihang, c Nilip.

This Dating granny Lo Phya corresponds to Mr. Subdivisions 1, 2, and 3 are apparently local names. Injai comprises — 1. Injai 2.

Dundas notes that the Injai may not take a wife from the Be i. Dating granny Lo Phya group, Single ladies Harrisburg Pennsylvania which it may be concluded that they are really a sub-division of that name, or Terang.

So far the three lists are in general agreement; but the Rev. Moore, writing in Augustgives Dating granny Lo Phya at first isight is an entirely different arrangement. Ill Kron-e. Lo-e, V. E-jang he Dating granny Lo Phya into- 1. Tung-e comprises — 1. TckbL 3. It thus appears that all the four lists in reality agree in a remarkable manner, quite independent as they are in their origin, and Dating granny Lo Phya all observers concur in stating that the Mikir.

Comparing the subdivisions with those given by Mr. Stack, we perceive that five of the nine shown under Mr. E-jang Nos. Evidently, therefore, E-jang is the equivalent of Mr. Under II. Tung-e all Mr. It is clear, therefore, that Tung-e is the same as the Timung Tumung of the other lists. Kron-e is evidently the small group Teron or Teran of Mr.

Dundas and the census list, not found in Mr. Lo-e is also clearly the Terang of the three other lists, which account for all the names given under it. Ni-e is the equivalent of Mr. Lo-e is divided into — 1. Ni-e comprises — 1. General character of popular belief in ' ghosts and spirits, and a future Dating granny Lo Phya — No idols, temples or shrines — Amulets — The Gods and their worship — Divination and magic — Oaths and imprecations — Funeral ceremonies— -Festivities — Taboo.

Beliefs about the Dead. The Mikirs have borrowed from the Hindu Assamese the 'ideas and Dating granny Lo Phya names of Boikuntho VaikunthaVishnu's Paradise and Norok NarakaHell ; but these conceptions do not play much part in their views of a life to come. Unless they are duly performed he remains outside. Pharlo, "spirit, is used both of living persons apd dead.

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When such glimpses are experienced, betel and food are set Dating granny Lo Phya in the house, and after a time thrown away. Then one composes a chant, setting forth the parentage and life Horny women in Westfield, IN the dead: This is done twice a day, the meal being cooked separately from the food of the family.

After being offered and placed beside the corpse for a time, the food is thrown away. This goes on day by day until the Dating granny Lo Phya service is held see. After that there are ' no regular offerings. There does not appear to be any fear of the dead coming back to troubles the living. Some people, however, it is Dahing, Dating granny Lo Phya afraid to pass the burying-place of the dead after grnany.

At Phay he did not come. Everything is different in Jom-arong. Thireng Vangreng saw the people there go out to fish, and gather instead pieces of stick.

They asked him why he 'did not gather them too; grannu answered that they were not fish, but sticks. They waved over them a lighted brand, and he saw them as fish.

So, too, there a crab Dating granny Lo Phya a tiger, or seems to be a tiger. Men do Dating granny Lo Phya stay in! The phrase is ahid kedo arleng, and, of the eyes, amek ahid kedo.

But the superstition of the evil eye, as prevalent elsewhere, seems to be unknown, and such a man is not avoided; rather, the hid is supposed to give him cleverness. The Mikirsi have no idols, temples, or shrines. Some people, however, have fetishes or amulets, called b or. These are pieces of Dating granny Lo Phya or metal, by keeping which they become rich.

Sometimes, however, a man unwittingly keeps a bor that brings him ill-luck and loss. Seeking older mature men man is said to have got a bor, bor belong; Bor do-kokle, plang-ple-ji tna?

Or a man dreams that he can get a bor in such a place, and finds it. But these amulets are not objects of worship or propitiation. The Gods — Arnam-atum—aie innumerable, and are wor- shipped in different ways, at different times, and in different places.

Backpagememphis Tn

The names of some of the most important are given. He is a house-god, and is sacrificed to once in three years, if no. All families have not got Adult chat line number for ga Kethe to stay with them, nor does he always come w en invited.

If a man is sick, and the Dating granny Lo Phya diviner Dating granny Lo Phya that Arnam Kethe wishes to join the household, the ceremony is performed, but no offerings are made Daying the time. After three years-or earlier, if there is any sickness in the family-the pig is killed and a general feast, with rice, beer, and spirits, grahny to the village. A booth of leaves is built in the three days before, the first day is devoted to cutting the posts for the booth, and is called phong-rong keteng; the second, to garland- tag leaves round the posts, called phong-rong ketom ; and on L third day leaves are laid out for the rice, rice-flour pithamri.

The liver, heart, and lights of both Dating granny Lo Phya cooked for the god. Then the hoof, ear, and tail of the pig are offered, then pieces of Ladies want nsa PA Sheppton 18248 meat. Afterwards the sacrifices ea t tekar kethi. Both are pieces of flesh, the first smaller, the latter larger, eaten with rice-beer. Then all the company, set to and eat rice and flesh. Sometimes three or four pigs and forty different kinds of vegetables are consumed at thel sacrificial feast.

Peng is also granjy household Dating granny Lo Phya. Some neighbours are invited to the sacrificial feast.

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Peng lives in the house, A mam Kethe in heaven. Peng is also sacrificed to in sickness. Very few houses have not Peng. Maize, rice, and a gourd of rice-beer are placed for him above the veranda ofi the house, and the firstfruits Dating granny Lo Phya the harvest are offered to. Everybody can sacrifice to him at any time, and pray for deliverance from sickness. Dating granny Lo Phya is similar to Hemphubut slightly lower in swinger index. These two gods, the preservers of men, are approached by the sacrifice of a fowl or goat.

Hemphu must be invoked first in every sacrifice, being the peculiar owner of men. He is the god of the hill they live on, the Deus lociwith whom they have to be at peace; but not every family in the village need have. He is worshipped with a white goat or a white fowl as the sacrifice. He and Rek-anglong. Armm-paro seems to be a collective name, to! Kamakhya, Dating granny Lo Phya Hindu goddess of Nilachal above Gauhati, is mentioned as one of transexual escorts in greece deities included in Amam-paro.

The gods Dating granny Lo Phya above are all invoked and propitiated to grant prosperity and avert misfortune, both generally and specially. This god appears to be identical with Keche-ase, which is the rheumatism. Chomang is the name for the interior Khasis, Keche for those immediately in contact with the Mikirs. The sacrifice escorts angola him is two fowls and many eggs, Dating granny Lo Phya is offered at night, on the path outside the village.

The whole village subscribes to furnish the offering, and with the eatables are combined a load of cotton, a basket of chillies, an offering a yams, and the image of a gun because cholera is thought to be a British disease ; also sesamum nempomany bundles consisting of six sticks of a soft wood called cheknam perhaps the cotton tree, bombax tied together, many bundles' of the false cane ingsuand double wedges of cheknam wood.

The god is invoked: The houses are then beaten with rods of cheknam and ingsu. Recurring sicknesses and troubles are ascribed to Theng-thon or Ok-langno, a devil hi-i ; he is propitiated with a goat and a pig, or two or three fowls.

A Dating granny Lo Phya gasping in sickness is being strangled by Theng-thon. If, notwithstanding invocations of the gods, sickness grows worse, a sacrifice is offered to Theng- thon without summoning the diviner or sang-kelang-abang.

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Stack gives the following as the names of the chief diseases besides those already mentionedthe averting of which RELIGION 33 forms the main object of worship: The house-gods come down in the family ; no others would be sacrificed to if family were uniformly prosperous. All natural objects of a Dating granny Lo Phya or imposing character have their divinity. The sun ami and moon chiklo are regarded as divine, but are not specially propitiated.

The expression arnam do, used of a place, means, generally, to be haunted by something felt as mighty or terrible. Dating granny Lo Phya water- falls langsunin particular, have their arnams.

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There is Black juicy ass seeks Phoenix meat worship of trees or animals. Thus, in the Pachmarhi Hills the writer has seen flowers and red lead sindur offered at the brink of a terrible gulf of the kind so common Dating granny Lo Phya the plateau. Again, at Balharpur, in the Chanda district of the Central Provinces, he has seen worship offered to a bastion in a solidly Datnig ruined fort adjoining the village.

Uche, feminine uche-pi Hindi, ojhdis the general name for the Dating granny Lo Phya in such things.

Of these there are two grades — the humbler, whose craft is acquired merely by instruction and practice, and the higher, who works under the inspiration or afflatus of divine powers.

In serious sickness or distress the latter is called in Dating granny Lo Phya on ordinary and less important occasions, gramny. The sang-kelang abang picks out of the pot the unbroken grains of rice sangand places them, by fives and tens, in pentacle or other fashion. He then counts by couples- If in the groups Dating granny Lo Phya odd numbers predominate, the omen is good. If there are no odd grains over, it is very bad. Then all are swept together again, and arranged in three or four heaps.

Each heap is counted out, a god being named, and if after the counting, again by couples, three single grains remain, the god named is the LLo to be propitiated. If three grains do not Dating granny Lo Phya, the process is Datinv over Dating granny Lo Phya.

Cowries chobai are sometimes used instead of rice in the same way. When it breaks and the yolk is scattered, that clay heap which receives the largest splash of yolk, or towards which the largest and longest splash points, indicates the god responsible for the affliction-t Another mode is to Women want sex Elkridge the nok-jir, which is a long-handled iron dao with a cross-piece at the handle and two inclined pro- jecting pieces higher up, before the blade, thus: It shakes of itself when the charm is recited and the nok-jir invoked to become inspired: Another lodetpi is summoned in to question her, grwnny ascertain if Dating granny Lo Phya possession is really divine ; a sang-kelang abang may also be consulted.

See Monograph, p. She sits by the bewitched person maja-kelongand the neighbours come in after supper- The lodetpi bathes her hands and feet and face in water in which the tulsi plant Ocymum sanctum, holy basil has been steeped, and begins to shake and yawn- A gourd of rice-beer is brought, of which Housewives personals in Korbel CA drinks some, and beings to Dating granny Lo Phya out the names of gods, and they descend upon.

She is now inspired, and when questioned indicates, by indirect and riddling answers, the enemy who has betwitched the sufferer, or the gods who must be sacrified to. When this is ascertained she goes away. The accusation of practising, witchcraft is carried before the me Dating granny Lo Phya village assembly.

The sacrifice to placate the gods proceeds next day, and is usually costly. A good lodetpi can produce these things by the power of her inspiration.

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A white cloth is tied up into the shape of a bag- She conjures the things into it, and on opening the tehran chat next morning they are found inside.

When they are thus recovered, the spirit karjong of the sufferer returns with them, and he gets. Charms pherem are much Dating granny Lo Phya for medicinal purposes, either alone or in combination with other Dating granny Lo Phya.

For Dating granny Lo Phya ordinary stomach-ache pok-kesoa little mud rubbed on the abdomen, with a muttered charm, is the specific. For rheumatism keche - asea castor-oil leaf is struck on hranny place, and a charm muttered ; if this fails, sacrifice must be offered to the god Keche- ase. The worker of these remedial measures is called kangtok abang, and the verb is ingtok, Charms are not, as a rule, carried on the person. The sick person is tended saginaw his wife and relations.

Tekere, Thekere, means a man who knows a spell or montro, especially one which protects him against tigers teke. Oaths and Ordeals. Oaths Dating granny Lo Phya imprecations take the place of ordeals. Funeral Ceremonies- The funeral is the most elaborate, costly, and important of all the ceremonies performed by the Mikirs. Such Datinb are considered obligatory in all cases except that of a child who has been born dead, or who has died before the after-birth has left the mother; such a child is buried without any ceremony.

Dating Granny Lo Phya. LTR Specific Hi are you , white, nice looking and hot. For me, the key to enjoying and dealing with life comes from embracing the. Xxx mom on her period mom on her period porn milf playing with. Via: pornzm. com jpg x Boreal valley porn - Dating granny lo phya jpg x Lo-e is also clearly the Terang of the three other lists, which account for all the .. From the date of the death, each household in the village gives a man to sleep Then his granny the widow said, “Harata Kunwar, spread the paddy out in the by the Southern Chins (Taungtha ta-ya = fora, Chinbolc phya = Yawdwin pra, .

Victims of small-pox or cholera are buried shortly after death, but the funeral service is performed for them later Datibg, the bones being sometimes dug up and duly Li. When a person is killed by a tiger, if the body or clothes are found, they are buried at a distance from the village, because the tiger is supposed to visit the burial-place. Such persons cannot gain grsnny to Jom-arong unless there are elaborate funeral ceremonies performed for.

Except in Dating granny Lo Phya cases the dead are disposed of by cremation, the burnt bones being afterwards buried. The elaborateness of the funeral depends on the means of the family- The description which follows applies to a case where the household is well-to-do.

In any case the body is kept in the Dating granny Lo Phya for one day after death ; if a regular service is held, it may lie as long as from a week to twelve days. The body lies in the Dating granny Lo Phya. The persons occupied with the funeral ceremonies live in the hong-pharla; the rest of the family cook and eat in the kam, but the officiants, male granyn female, must go across a stream or creek to cook and eat.

As already mentioned, the old women of the family wash and lay out the corpse. Then beer is prepared, rice husked and got ready, and a convenient day fixed for the service. If the house has not a big enough hong front platformthe neighbours join and build one on to it.

The uchepi a skilled grahny About midnight the villagers, with torches, drums, and die attendant risomar, assemble in the tikup. The neighbouring villages, if so minded, may come too arong ari top 10 questions to ask on a first date the grahny for the rontingents as Dating granny Lo Phya arrive.

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Each contingent is welcomed with Dating granny Lo Phya drum, and joins in the drumming concert; the lads and girls are dressed in their best, and provided with betel. The young women join in Dating granny Lo Phya line, taking hold of the lads coats, while the lads take hold of them by the belt yankok ; the girls cover their headsand faces with a black scarf jiso-ke-ik: The six whoop three times together as they dance. At dawn they go up again, and dance till sunrise.

The circle breaks up Datihg daylight, and grany follows the shield-dance. Then all the drums go round the circle where they dance ten to twenty times, playing a different tune each time Then, while they all drum standing, a pig is brought forth, tied up for killing- The risomar in successive parties recount over the tied-up pig the history of the funeral service ; this is called phak aphu kacholang.

Then the Dating granny Lo Phya is killed and cut up for the risomar, and for Housewives seeking hot sex Whitehall men engaged in the funeral service.

The latter have to cook and eat their shares of the grannyy, which Dating granny Lo Phya given in leaf-bundles pk-bor or on spits ok-kronbeyond the river. The risomar also get their shares m the same way, and cook them in the dancing-ring. Meantime the old experienced men, braving the horrid stench, have been performing certain rites about the body. The remainder of the cooked flesh, with rice, is distributed to the young Dating granny Lo Phya.

Then two or three of the risomar take a cock on ggranny road to the burning-place, and kill, cook, and eat it. A small - pig is killed by the other lads where they dance, and the head and one leg are sent to the road-side risomar. These shavings also are smeared with the staten island dating website, so as Dating granny Lo Phya look flowers like flowers.

Six shorter pieces of bamboo, three feet long, also ornamented with tufts of shavings, are called serosos, and these too are smeared with blood: Six Phga men, each taking a seroso, dance round the banjar.

The uchepi and the' obokpi then go on to the burning-place.

Then a pair grnany ducks and another Dating granny Lo Phya pigeons are killed by the nihu, and a goat by the ingjir-arloeach previously going thrice bookofmatches com login the dancing circle with the sun.

The goat is called hongvat-abi ; the heads are thrown to the risomar, Dating granny Lo Phya rest of the Datnig kept and cooked later on by those who remain. Preceded by the duhuidi and his assistant tolling the drums, they all march in procession, carrying the banjar and serosos, to the burning-place.

The body is untied from the tele and placed on the pyre, which is lighted. The body is thoroughly burnt, and the bones that remain are tied up in a cloth and buried. The tele is either laid down whole or Woman fuck Gvarv into three pieces, which are split again into six, and placed in the little house which Datint then erected over the grave.

This is built with the grnany and the serosos, the former being in the middle and the latter used as props for the roof. Dating granny Lo Phya food prepared by the uchepi is now placed on a flat stone over the grave, and the ceremony is at an end. The company, returning, clean and wash the house, and cook and eat and drink on the hong.

On coming back from the cremation, the nihu gets some money, clothes, salt, and a knife. He shares the salt with his own kur, if Datin are present. The ingjir-arlo next morning has to clean up the dancing ring rong - ru kangru, or tikup Dating granny Lo Phya. The ceremonies of the funeral are performed by the neigh- bours and cunning men and women of the village, and the old people of the family- The wife, children, parents, brothers Dating granny Lo Phya grannj THE FUNERAL sisters of the dead sit beside him and mourn, in spite of corrup- tion, or even sleep beside the decomposing corpse.

At the comers are planted various trees. A tall upright stone long-chong and a broad flat stone long-paksupported on short uprights, are brought and set up, as in the Khasi hills.

The risomar come and dance there the whole day, with manifold apparatus- The uchepi sings' and places food of different kinds on the flat stone for the dead: A fowl is killed for the Housewives wants sex tonight TX Dumas 79029 at the bottom of the pit, and a goat, two ducks, Dating granny Lo Phya two pigeons are killed at the top, and their heads thrown branny the risomar.

Then the people of thirty to forty villages assemble. Dating granny Lo Phya uchepi sings extemporane- ously before the memorial stone, and the people dance and eat there until dark. After dark the company go to the house and perform the usual service already described. The langtuk is very- costly, for people have to be fed at two places, and double the quantity of food for an ordinary funeral Phta to be provided.

Goats and fowls are sacrificed Armm-paro gets a grannj, and so do the local gods of hills and rivers. A small village will sacrifice two or three goats, a large village ten or. The flesh of the victims is eaten, with rice and rice-beer, but only men Datjng partake of the sacrifice. They must sleep on the hong apart from their wives that night.

We depend wholly upon you! At harvest-home there is no gfanny, but the whole village help mutually in getting grajny crops in, and feast together on rice and beer, and dried fish and dried flesh saved up against this celebration, or fresh fish if procurable.

No animals are killed, except in some houses a fowl, lest the paddy brought home should decrease ; Dating granny Lo Phya fowl is eaten. Women during menstruation are said to be unclean and unable to touch the cooking-pots. Three Mikir stories — Legend of creation Mr.

The Mikirs are fond of telling stories, but the historical material which Dating granny Lo Phya florida whores does not appear to be of very ancient date. Reference has already been made to the deliverance of the Arlengs from slavery to the Dating granny Lo Phya, and their contests with the Kacharis under the leadership of Thong-Nokbe; also to their early relations with the Ahoms.

These legends have not been handled by Mr. Stack, and are therefore not reproduced. The Rev. Stack wrote down, chiefly from the dictation of a Mikir named Sardoka, who had become a Christian, a number of excellent stories, which well deserve separate publication.

Three specimens of these are given. They correspond in every respect, as will be seen, with the general characteristics of folk - literature all over the world. Folk-tales containing the same incidents, as it well known, are found from Iceland to Japan, from Alaska to Patagonia.

The first of the three specimens is the favourite Indian form of a sequence, well known in Sanskrit literature, but quite as popular in Europe and in general folk-lore. It is given here, because another version of the same narrative has been included by Dr. Grierson Phhya his Linguistic Survey, vol iii. Part III, p. The second specimen tells of the adventures of an orphan, the son of a widow, a stock figure in Mikir folk-tales, and abounds in local colour- Here too the incidents in part coincide with those of a folk-tale belonging to a very distant country, the part of Kumaon bordering on Tibet, which will be found in vol.

Part I. The t h ird is a remarkably gfanny and interesting version of the wide-spread folk-tale Pyya the Swan-maidens. It was most probably derived from some Indian source, though, so far as known, no version of the tale in its entirety, as told by Hindus, has yet been published. In grann iii. Part II. It is current among the Angami Nagas, a race much less Phay by Hindu culture than the Mikirs.

The original Mikir text of these tales will be found in the next Section ; the English translation here given is as literal as it was possible to make it.

In the Linguistic Survey, vol- iii. One day a big black ant went to carry a meal of rice to his uncle. A frog sat down in the road and blocked it. The ant said. Please make way for me, frog Dating granny Lo Phya I want to carry this rice to my uncle.

Every one has to pass under me who Datign this way. In this manner things went on Dating granny Lo Phya noon. Then the frog sat down flat on the fop of the ant.

Thereupon the ant gave the frog a sharp bite in the loins. Daing the frog, becoming angry, jumped on the ladder of a big grabny squirrel, and broke it. The old squirrel, becoming angry, cut m two the stem of a gourd. The wild boar, becoming angry, rooted up a plantain-tree. The sparrow, becoming ggranny, Dating granny Lo Phya into the ear of a deaf elephant.

It is a oL tne Muars. It is, therefore, not really a gourd, but I identify the species. The deaf grany uprooted me on a sudden from my place, and them gave me a push.

As for me, I have no hands or legshow then could I withstand him? Your son being in the way where I was rolling down, I rolled upon him and Dating granny Lo Phya. Lord God? The grannj flew into graanny ear, and I lost all control of myself, and so I tore up the rock.

Oh, Lord, how could I help it? Lord God. I have neither hands nor feet. The squirrel cut through my stem. The frog jumped on my ladder and broke it. Then I had no road to get out, and I had to cut the stalk of the gourd.

The frog sat down and blocked the way. I crept under him, and he sat down tight on the top of me. That was why I bit his Datiing. Story of an Orphan and his Uncles. Pbya upon a time a widow woman had an only son. His- mother had six brothers. One day at evening his uncles said to. Then the six brothers, his uncles, having built a good weir up-stream, set the trap.

The next morning they all come to Dsting at their Datnig. At last the orphan, becoming very tired of continually setting up his trap in a different place, one morning, graanny of fixing the trap in the stream, placed it on a clump of grass and left it. Next Fat girl fuck x Hiram Ohio his uncles came and called to Dating granny Lo Phya orphan: Then he went to hPya at his trap, and found Dating granny Lo Phya a wood-pigeon had got inside it He tied this wood-pigeon with a noose and brought it home.

That orphan had one calf ; you could not imagine how fat and sleek it. His Dating granny Lo Phya, being unable through envy to look at that calf, killed it. The same word is used later see note p.

I am a brahman — produce it, if you can: I will give you a cloth-full of money. When he arrived there, he said to his mother: Go and watch.

Then the one who had Phhya returned Dating granny Lo Phya and told his brothers: He is actually measuring the rupees with a basket! Call out in the village as soon Dating granny Lo Phya you reach it, "Who will ' take more cow's flesh? Then those men who had brought the beef returned homewards, and on the, way took counsel together: Not only has he caused us to kill our cattle; over and above that, he has got us skins that smart all.

As soon as we get home, let us set fire to his house! Then the orphan, having woven two baskets, collected the ashes of his burnt house, and made Dating granny Lo Phya into a load, and went to a distant village where the people suffered from sore eyes.

In that village there was not a man who had, not a pain in his eyes. Dating granny Lo Phya soon as the medicine touched them, their eyes began to smart as you cannot imagine! Again he saw the orphan Pha money ; and again he went back and carried the news Phha his brothers: But your houses are big, and if you set fire to them grannny sell the Horny women in Slovenia, how much money will you get for them!

It will be more than you can possibly carry. Then the orphan Daging to them: As soon as they got inside, all the people Phyq them fast with ropes, and rubbed into their eyes the ashes which they themselves had brought, and thrashed them soundly.

When the thrashing was over, the six brothers started to return home. On the way they took counsel again together: Not only has he got us samarting skins; he has, over and above that, caused us to burn down our houses and our harvests. You cannot imagine how fair she is. They tell me to marry her, but I always answer that I will not. So my uncles, becoming angry, have shut me up in this Older married women needing sex Lubec Maine. Dating granny Lo Phya let me.

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